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Welcome to our Theater category! In this section we offer theater shows for all audiences: kids, families, teenagers, adults, etc. We have a wide selection of theater shows of different genres to be performed in theaters or outdoors. Are you looking for a show of storytelling, improvisation or humor? You are in the right section!

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A show that can be either in the theatre or in the street, where three clowns go out to have a cool drink in the street with a giant chair. They go for a walk in the fresh air creating situations of laughter.
Educational theatre where health education and environmental awareness are taught.
One-actress comedy show with interaction with the audience.
Street theater show with puppets, laughs, pranks and who knows what else!
Theatrical clown show, with criticism of today's society.
Storytelling, children's animation and theatre come together in this show. Its small format makes it suitable for libraries, schools, halls and streets.
Improvisation show that aims to get the audience laughing their heads off.
Animation show with clownish and animated characters that will create funny and curious situations that are going to make everyone laugh.
Theatrical pantomime divided into scenes. Mimicry for all ages with this show for events, events and parties.
Animated show in which some curious plants take human form and transform spaces and events in a plant fantasy. Show for parties.
Comdey animation in which colorful characters get married in a very original and natural ceremony. A wedding naked: naked and love.
Animation show with popular storyteller narrating stories. Itinerant street theater, children's and family show for events and parties.
Itinerant comic show, with audience participation, music and choreography.
A group of vintage comedians drive a cart full of stories, instruments and legends. Original stories with humour for the whole family.
Family theatre with traditional storytelling that narrates Amazic stories from Maghreb. A children's show for school events and popular festivals.
Animation eccentric Scottish bagpipes and drums to liven up all kinds of parades and street theater events and popular festivals.
Visual spectacle playing and experimenting with colors, lights, shadows, and sounds. Sand projections that tells stories for the whole family.
Family show theater and storytelling with pirates, lions and adventures. Show for school events and festivals for everyone.
Animation show where hobbits, elves, fairies, trolls and fresh from medieval magical creatures of the forest come together in an original parade.
Échate a laugh with this funny play street! Soldiers barbarians invade your people with a medieval catapult and live music.
theatrical mood to know the legend of Sant Jordi. You'll have fun with the big inflatable dragon that will delight the whole family.
Magic show with a magician who entertains young and old with humor and amazing tricks. Encourage your family event and we surprised everyone in your party.
Street theater by a crazy Napoleonic battalion will laugh the whole family with his music, his comic gags and a cannon of confetti.
Family show mime and theater with optical illusions, music, action and imagination. Show for school events and festivals.
animation comedy show in which some eccentric neighbors invite you to join their community. Play in the mood for the whole family.
family theater show that explains the gypsy culture in an educational, fun and stimulating. Show for school events and festivals.
Animation comedy show where a teacher offers fun tennis classes for all ages. Show to enliven events and parties.
Itinerant show of the legend of St. George where young and old will meet the characters that may no longer be so mythical or so heroic.
A street comedy show that will demonstrate that not everithing is as easy as it seems and that the tourist's mind is more complex than it seems.
A show full of light that stimulates the senses and the imagination of the kids.
Comedy show of audience participation and improvisation.
Magic show with great illusions and audience participation. Theatre show.
Two very special chefs offer you a menu full of circus, humour and Italian music. Indoor or outdoor show.
Early childhood show that works with universal languages such as movement, games of light, shadow and color, and natural sounds.
Theatrical clown show. Humor, love, surprise and amazement all in one show.
Puppet show, directed to the youngest children, that addresses the issue of bullying.
Theatrical and puppet show that mixes nostalgia and humor to pay homage to the old age and friendship.
Theatrical performance of a short story by Oscar Wilde that gives a moral lesson of humanity, love and generosity.
Puppet show that, with the advice of teachers and pedagogues, aims to address issues such as tolerance, immigration and racism.
Light show represented with Chinese shadows. In which we will learn to accept and value ourselves as we are.
A medium-sized theatre show for family audiences. Recommended for children from 5 years old.
A fun family show based on classic fairy tales with a production full of audiovisual effects, original songs and a spectacular staging.
Static street theatre show for family audiences. Gestural theatre, live music, some circus and a lot of humour.
A theatrical show, full of scientific monologues, the kind that make you laugh and also make you learn.
A children's show in which Captain Morgana interacts participatively with the whole audience with games, humor and dances. Fun is guaranteed.
Passacaglia fable where animals take human form with elegant period costumes and manners, soprendiendo the whole family with their occurrences.
CRITICS AWARD 2019: Best Family Show. Show only available in Catalan.
Theatre for children from 4 years old. Includes live music. FETEN 2021 Award for best direction. FETEN 2021 Award for best choral performance.
A show in which a debate is generated between our scientists and the audience, thus spreading scientific knowledge, while generating a lot of humour.
Clown and educational show, with a scientific topic. Children become real researchers, while learning scientific content.
A traditional Mallorcan fable adapted to be performed in puppet theatre.
Performance aimed for children from 2 to 5 years of age. Show of interest both in school sessions and open to the general public.
A new, original dance-humor show, full of laughs for all ages.
Static street show, where these giant inflatable animals will be the protagonists.


Theatrical show, with acrobatics and humor.
Animated show in which three alien newcomers to the earth will walk in your streets trying to communicate with the public.
Itinerant show with audience participation.



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