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09 Mar

Carnival in Cornella 2021

Traditionally the carnival has always been a festival of freedom, however this year has been the exception due to the global pandemic. From Artistalia we wanted to change the carnival. We have not been able to carry out popular acts in the streets, so we wanted to bring it to people' homes instead. Our videos posted on the social media of the city have allowed the people of Cornellà to be informed of the instructions of the emissaries, to see the arrival of His Majesty in the city and even to follow the trial where he is accused by the Old Lady of Lent. We did not stop here, thanks to our mobile platforms we were able to fill the streets of the city with festivity and satire. King Carnestoltes has always made a satire of what has happened during the year, so he and his retinue have been representing with humor and respect those 3 months that we were confined, where the WC paper ran out of stores, the flour to make bread and sweets disappeared and it became trendy to exercise at home. We knew that people could not follow us through the streets, that there were people who because of the situation were confined and could not go out. We wanted the party...
15 Jan

Maginet Magician Camp 2021

Magic begins with the unexpected! We have been collaborating for more than 15 years at artistic, technical or logistical level to make the camp of the most magical and awaited character of Cornellà de Llobregat, Maginet the Magician!  We have created a magical journey where all the children of the city, of any age, had to follow the path to reach the Maginet's Haima, meeting along the way all the characters that were performing various tasks such as: controlling the stars to mark the way to the Kings, distributing magical objects, reading letters or even preparing gifts. We have adapted the space of the Fira de Cornella with aerial decoration to achieve a transformation of the space. We designed the illumination and the scenery, respecting the covid-19 measures and the required distance, however we still managed to make the most magical space of all Maginet the Magician's garden. We invite you to watch the video and remember that moment, as the best memories are born from the best experiences.
17 Jun

Night of lights

We have turned Salvador Allende Avenue into a place where light has been the protagonist. Visitors have walked acompained by fairies of lights, they have taken pictures with our led frames to immortalize the moment, and at the same time they could enjoy our other installations that we created for thas edition. That year we let our imagination fly and made a Balloon Tunnel and the "THREADS of HISTORY" that filled the façade of the Teresa Duran residence with light and colour. But we didn't stop there, there were two large-format modular art installations, "HEXX ØNE" and "CIRCLED", that allowed the visitors to interact with light and music thanks to their movement sensors. One of the highlights of the evening was "MUSIC", a show that took a brief look at the history of music with laser projections and mappings projected on the Miranda Tower accompanied by a musician with his laser harp. Hours of research, creation, coordination, contracting and assembly were used to give light to the last act of the Fiesta Mayor 2019. The result this year has been an inclusive space where the public was delighted and enjoyed playing with themusic and the lights....
07 Nov

Clown Festival 2018

Our enthusiasm and determination allowed us to produce a festival with more than 70 shows in one week, in different places of the city such as theaters, circus tents, markets, kindergartens, elementary schools and residences for the elderly. Not to mention the itinerant shows that filled the streets of the city with laughs and those shows that took place in different squares of the city. One of our objectives has been to offer a personal and transparent treatment. We have made the stay of the 60 national and international companies that have participated in this edition as welcoming as possible. In addition to managing the contracting of their shows, we have also managed to provide them the trips and accommodations, and even the required support staff to accompany them to the different performance venues. Once again, the professionalism of our team has made it possible to carry out the departments of the different performing spaces, providing a response to the technical needs that appeared. At the same time, we managed and coordinated other professionals in the sector such as technicians, ticket sellers, ushers, theater managers... We have spent...
21 May


We produced the Holi Festival of Colours. An event full of colour and fun for the whole family, with music, entertainment and activities for big festivals. We take care of everything, the artists, the music, the decoration, and of course the Holi Powder.

The arrival of spring and summer is a burst of colours and joy, there is no better way to celebrate it than with a Holi party!

15 Feb

Folch y Torras Carnival 2021

Despite the Covid, this school wanted to continue the tradition and relied on us to be able to celebrate this popular festival.

A carnival where we have reinvented ourselves so that no child was left without seeing the emissaries and King Carnestoltes. We have made a series of videos to play in the classrooms.

09 Mar

Carnival in Cornella 2021

This year we have continued working with the intention of rooting the popular tradition of carnival in Cornellà de Llobregat.

We want citizens to look forward to the arrival, the parade and the trial of King Carnestoltes and that, little by little, it will be established as a more desired, popular and participatory party every year.

05 Jan

Royal Pages in Gavà

Due to Covid security measures, in Gavà as in many other towns, they have had to change their traditional Arab Village for a very different activity.

Royal pages walked around the city with mailboxes to make sure that no child was left without delivering his or her letter. Once again they have trusted us to make it happen.

18 Jan

Royal Camps 2021

Everyone knows that the most magical and awaited night of the year is Three Kings' Eve. This year has been very different.

Covid has made us change the parades for Royal Camps, and we have transmitted the magic of this night in various towns.

15 Jan

Maginet Magician Camp 2021

This year due to the pandemic we have been in charge of reinventing the camp and adapting it into an enclosed space following all Covid-19 safety measures.

Our creative team has worked side by side with other professionals to design a space where illusions and emotions were the protagonists.

07 Jan

Royal Mailbox

The City Council of Pallejà has relied on us to carry out the order that their Majesties the Three Wise Men asked them: to put some mailboxes to collect all the letters from the children of their town.

We have made the production of some illuminated mailboxes taking into account the characteristics requested by the customer.

20 Jun

COVID trucks

The virus is not stopping us! Like everyone else, covid has taken us by surprise. We know that it is not a question of doing everything but to do what we like, but how to take it to the streets?

We offer you an alternative to continue performing street shows during COVID, while following all sanitary measures.

26 Feb

Carnival 2020

Life is a carnival, and the sorrows go away singing! That' s what the song says, and that' s why this year we have walked through the streets of Cornellà, Gavà, Balaguer and Sant Joan Despí, singing and dancing.

A Carnival with decorations, performances, activities and many creative and fun ideas to make everyone enjoy.

10 Dec

Switch-on of lights 2019

We started the Christmas campaign with the lighting of lights in different places such as Sant Joan Despí, Reus, Calella, and even Mallorca! We have made several decorations to turn daily spaces into magical spaces full of light. We have also hired several actors and stilt walkers to interact with the public.

01 Dec

Halloween Terror Tunnel

If we think of Halloween, we immediately think of emotions such as fear, panic, terror and... fun? 

We make your event terrifyingly fun!

We adapt your space and turn it into a spookily fun area, integrating the decoration and the artists, so that everyone who visits it will be left speechless.

11 Apr

Supermes Party 2019

From the consortium of Tourism of Baix Llobregat we were commissioned to organize the event of the Festival of Supermes.

The production and realization of a party directed to all the families of the region. A good coordination of several companies, the City Council of Cornellá and the Tourism Consortium to achieve the success of the party.

05 Jul

Cabalia in Viena

Artistalia has travelled to Austria! "Cabalia" has been chosen by The Spanish Riding School of Vienna as the show for the Fête Imperiale 2018.

This prestigious school is an outstanding institution in Vienna, based on classical dressage, having two basic aspects as references: the Lipizzaner breed horse and the traditional Spanish dressage technique.

17 Jun

Night of lights

For the third consecutive year we have given light to Cornella's town festival.

The Night of Lights is becoming a long-awaited landmark in the Festa Major programme. A place to visit with family and friends just before the fireworks castle at the end of the festival.

A party of lights with decorations and shows.

07 Nov

Clown Festival 2018

During a week we have filled the city of Cornellà de Llobregat with red noses, with the 19th edition of the International Clown Festival, memorial Charlie Rivel.

Artistalia, has been in charge of the production of a festival for the city and professionals of this sector of the scenic arts.



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