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26 Feb

Carnival 2020

Life is a carnival, and the sorrows go away singing! That' s what the song says, and that' s why this year we have walked through the streets of Cornellà, Gavà, Balaguer and Sant Joan Despí, singing and dancing.

A Carnival with decorations, performances, activities and many creative and fun ideas to make everyone enjoy.

In Cornellà we have set up a big party. We have produced a project with the aim of creating a link between the city and the King of Carnival, and to get young and old to look forward to these parties and to want to participate in all the activities.

For the first time we have organized the "Arrival of His Majesty the King of Carnival and his retinue". His emissaries have visited every school to announce the arrival of the King of Carnival.

Dijous Gras came, the day of the arrival of the King of Carnival and an animation group was cheering up the wait. Suddenly the retinue appeared among the audience, performing magic tricks, juggling and dances until the King of Carnival arrived. Once in the square, he received the scepter of the city and started the carnival party with a massive confetti war! In which young and old alike played and filled the square with color and laughter.

Saturday was a day of parades, costumes and contests. The King of Carnival and his Royal retinue walked through the streets of the city. His majestic float opened the traditional costume parade where a lot of entities of the city participated.

A proclamation, dancing, light juggling and pulls concluded the Carnival 2020 awards ceremony. To close the party, on Ash Wednesday, we witnessed how the Old Lady Lent enchanted the Carnival emissaries and together they expelled the King out of the city.

In Balaguer it was our stilt walkers who welcomed the King of Carnival and his retinue.

In the middle of the square our huge inflatables accompanied all kinds of costumed groups with their light and their high volume.

In Gavà, our itinerant animation opened the parade of the party. An act coordinated with the show of the Barlou as they were in charge of filling the spectators with laughter while waiting for the arrival of the costumed troupes, and the decision of the grand jury.

Meanwhile, in Sant Joan Despí, our aerial decorations and inflatable columns, filled with light the pavilion where the expected carnival ball took place.

From Artistalia we are very satisfied with the result of this Carnival 2020. Our animations have been present in different towns, and also, this year we produced a carnival from start to finish. Not only we have made the technical and artistic direction of the party but we have also created an end of the party show introducing the character of the Old Lady Lent.




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