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09 Mar

Carnival in Cornella 2021

This year we have continued working with the intention of rooting the popular tradition of carnival in Cornellà de Llobregat.

We want citizens to look forward to the arrival, the parade and the trial of King Carnestoltes and that, little by little, it will be established as a more desired, popular and participatory party every year.

Traditionally the carnival has always been a festival of freedom, however this year has been the exception due to the global pandemic.

From Artistalia we wanted to change the carnival. We have not been able to carry out popular acts in the streets, so we wanted to bring it to people' homes instead.

Our videos posted on the social media of the city have allowed the people of Cornellà to be informed of the instructions of the emissaries, to see the arrival of His Majesty in the city and even to follow the trial where he is accused by the Old Lady of Lent.

We did not stop here, thanks to our mobile platforms we were able to fill the streets of the city with festivity and satire.

King Carnestoltes has always made a satire of what has happened during the year, so he and his retinue have been representing with humor and respect those 3 months that we were confined, where the WC paper ran out of stores, the flour to make bread and sweets disappeared and it became trendy to exercise at home.

We knew that people could not follow us through the streets, that there were people who because of the situation were confined and could not go out. We wanted the party to be for everybody and for everyone to enjoy it from home. We decided to broadcast it in streaming with a 3-hour duration.

As the closing of the party, and for the first time in Cornellà, the Trial of King Carnestoltes! The Old Lady of Lent accused him of partying during the Covid. The Trial was recorded and posted on social media so that the entire town was informed.
Verdict: GUILTY and banished for a whole year!




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